As with most local governments, development is THE key issue that the Fremont City Council deals with.  Decisions the Council makes affect our City for generations.

Any development proposal that comes before the City involves a negotiation.  Developers are trying to maximize profits while the City should be trying to make sure that the development is consistent with what the community wants to see in Fremont.  Instead, the Council has been approving development after development that doesn’t pay for itself or benefit our City in any way.  This has led to overcrowded schools, traffic congestion, and reduced revenue as residential development brings in less to the general fund than commercial development.

Fremont City Council has not been negotiating hard enough on behalf of its residents.  Many developments that have been widely disliked by Fremont’s residents get approved anyway.  Is it a surprise that developers get their way when many of the Councilmembers take donations from them?  How would you feel if you were in a negotiation and found out that your lawyer was receiving payments from the party you were negotiating against?  That’s what it’s like when Councilmembers take money from developers.

I believe it’s unethical to take campaign donations from developers, or to do business with them, if you are in an elected position to make decisions that could affect their ability to profit in Fremont.

Please make no mistake – I am not “anti-development.”  What I am against is development that does nothing to benefit our City and often has negative impacts.  When I am on the Council, I will have absolutely no financial ties to developers or feel like I owe them anything.  All decisions I make will be based solely on what the community needs and wants.