SB 827 is NOT the Way to Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis

Jane Kim does a post-mortem on the SB 827.  In my opinion, this would have been great for developers as it removes local government control of development.

“SB 827 would have upzoned most of The City’s neighborhoods to enable developers to build luxury housing in areas that the bill said met “minimum levels of transit service,” a standard so broadly defined that, according to Planning Department analysis, 96 percent of San Francisco’s parcels, including the Sunset, Richmond, Excelsior, Noe Valley and Chinatown, would have seen new luxury condo towers without the ability to require additional developer contributions.”

Editorial on SB 827 by Jane Kim (SF Examiner)

One thought on “SB 827 is NOT the Way to Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis

  1. I am with you!!! We have plenty of market rate housing. We do need more housing for folks who have lower income and for seniors on fixed income. To go off topic a little we also need to do more to get the homeless housed. More and more I am seeing older people on the streets and this concerns me very much as an aging constituent. I see this as an especially vulnerable segment of the homeless population. We must be more compassionate in our handling of this issue. Many people saved for their old age but misjudged how high rents would go. Putting them out on the streets is not acceptable.

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