Welcome to My Campaign!!

My name is Jenny Kassan and I’m running for the Fremont City Council in District 3.

For far too long, Fremont’s City Council and Planning Commission have been a rubber stamp for developers.  We need Council members who will challenge developers to do what’s right for Fremont, not people who work for developers or take donations from them.  I find it unethical to take money from developers and then make decisions that can greatly increase their profit margins.  I pledge to not take campaign donations from developers!

My main concerns are:

  • Development that Complements Fremont: Developers propose projects that best meet their financial goals.  That is their job!  In Fremont, developments are usually approved without modification or consideration of what would be best for Fremont as a whole.  We need to make sure that all development fits into our overall goals.  We also need to make sure new development pays for all of the impacts it will have on our schools, traffic, etc.
  • Support Small Businesses: Small businesses are what give a community its sense of identity. We need to do more to make sure small businesses can easily navigate the City’s requirements for getting established and succeeding.  I have based much of my career on working to make small businesses successful.
  • Walkable Neighborhoods: When you go to cities with thriving retail areas what do you see? People walking around, shopping, and enjoying themselves!  While other cities like Pleasanton, Livermore, Burlingame, and Palo Alto have beautiful walkable retail areas, Fremont has oriented its retail towards the auto-oriented Pacific Commons.

With my husband’s (Vinnie Bacon) and Lily Mei’s victory, we now have two Councilmembers that don’t take donations from developers on the Council.  Unfortunately, they are still in the minority and have been defeated 3-2 on several key development votes.  The November 2018 election is a chance to have a majority of Councilmembers that are not backed and funded by developers.

Please help me put the voice of the residents of Fremont into the majority on the Fremont City Council.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to My Campaign!!

  1. my family moved to Fremont (Washington township) in 1952.fremont was a great place to grow up.Fremont police looked out for the honest citizens but im starting to think that they look out for the criminals more than the honest, hard working tax payers. would like someone to change that.

    1. Hello! Yes I do because I believe that it ultimately makes our city safer to have policies that do not make residents afraid to interact with the police. Note that the resolution didn’t actually change anything – it was just a statement of the policies that the police already follow.

      1. I will not vote or support anyone that thinks that Fremont is just as safe as a sanctuary
        city.lady, please open your eyes and look around you.do you really think that catch and release actually reduces crime ? I would really like to have my contribution back.my friends and I are sorry we voted for the mayor and the vice mayor.it looks like Fremont government passed resolution no.2017-06 without anybodys knowledge. it should have been on a ballot.shame on you all.
        thanks brian hatheway

  2. Hi Jenny!

    We are a new program with the Ohlone Humane Society & would like to know, as a candidate for the Fremont City Council, your view on the state of the Tri-City Animal Shelter & your stand on animal welfare issues.

    1. Hello! I am a member of the Humane Society and have volunteered for a Trap Neuter Release program in Oakland. I have heard some disturbing things about the Tri City Animal Shelter and would like to learn more so I can advocate for changes once I’m elected.

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