My name is Jenny Kassan and I’m excited to be running for the Fremont City Council in District 3.

For far too long, Fremont’s City Council and Planning Commission have been a rubber stamp for developers.  We need Councilmembers who will challenge developers to do what’s right for Fremont.

Councilmembers that receive campaign contributions from developers and work for developers, no matter how well-intentioned, cannot deny the fact that these financial relationships create an inherent conflict of interest.

If someone’s campaign funding and his very livelihood depends on being popular with developers, how can he possibly represent the interests of our city in an unbiased way?

I have no financial ties to developers and I will not take campaign contributions from developers.

Very soon after I met my husband, Vinnie Bacon, he decided to run for Fremont City Council.  I helped him run three campaigns until he was elected.  He also made the pledge not to take campaign contributions from developers.  He then worked hard to get Lily Mei elected as mayor.  He supported her because of her pledge not to take campaign contributions from developers.

In spite of all this hard work, Vinnie and Lily are in the minority on our current Council.  They are the only Councilmembers that have pledged not to take donations from developers and have never taken donations from developers.  This is why so many bad developments are approved by a 3-2 vote.

The November 2018 election is a chance to elect a majority of Councilmembers that are not backed and funded by developers.

Please help me put a majority on the Council that will make decisions that truly represent the interests of Fremont residents.

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Jenny Kassan is one of the nation’s leading experts on investing in the vibrant small business sector of our economy.

– Congressman Ro Khanna

from Foreword of Raise Capital on Your Own Terms.


Jenny Kassan for Fremont City Council District 3 – FPPC # 1406200